There Is So Much That Sri Lanka Can Offer To Tourists

Best Hospitality

From the moment one boards the flight to Sri Lanka on its national carrier SriLankan Airlines, one feels welcomed in the embrace of the island’s hospitality. With flights to and from 100 destinations in over 40 countries, and with connecting flights with convenient transits, SriLankan Airlines is the obvious choice to travel to and from Sri Lanka. However, there is no lack of additional international airlines that service Sri Lanka. The world’s largest international airlines fly to Sri Lanka frequently, carrying a continuous flow of visitors, and creating a worldwide availability of travel to the island


Although a small island nation, Sri Lanka is able to offer a wonderful variety of climatic natural habitats to select from for your comfort levels. From sandy beaches to the cool mountains, from tropical forests to the temperate plains, there are weather and nature options for every taste. Within a few hours drive one can travel between contrasting scenic locations, enjoying in the natural environments. 
 Sri Lanka is a proud host of some of the most exquisite species of wildlife. While over 70 species of birds, and 50 species of fish have origins in Sri Lanka, one can also see mammals, such as the Asian elephant, leopard, sloth bear, and varied species of monkeys, along with reptiles such as the mugger crocodile. The national parks that contain the wildlife allow regulated safaris for visitors.


With archeological findings dating back 35,000 years, and a recorded history of over 2,400 years, Sri Lanka is rich with archeological sites. Reaching back to the 4th century BC, there are cultural and religious ruins, and monuments showing the timeline which has shaped the country’s history. The early kingdoms, introduction of Buddhism, invasions accompanied by the introduction of Hinduism, Islam, and Christianity, and later the colonization of the island can be traced through the many artifacts, archeological sights, buildings, and monuments spread around the country. The most important history, contained within what is demarcated as the cultural triangle, is situated in the north central portion of the country. However, the rest of the country, too, has an interesting history with stark contrast between the Northern, Central, and Southern areas.

Adventure & Surfing

From surfing in Arugam Bay to scuba diving in Bentota, from wildlife safaris in Yala National Park to trekking in the Sinharaja National Forest, from climbing Sigiriya rock fortress to exploring the Dambulla caves, Sri Lanka is truly an adventurer’s paradise. With the ocean surrounding the island and its varied terrain, Sri Lanka is a unique country that can offer contrasting and complementing facets catering to many different activities.